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National Theatre Platforms

16-21: War of Words: Making Speeches

16-21: War of Words: Making Speeches

Workshop on staging speeches

Sue Laurie

Sue Laurie

On the Alexander Technique in the Theatre

On The Plough and the Stars

On The Plough and the Stars

With Jeremy Herrin and Sean McEvoy

On Screen: The Threepenny Opera

On Screen: The Threepenny Opera

Lavish production

National Theatre Platforms comprises of talks, courses, workshops and events that allow you to develop a deeper understanding of National Theatre productions and even lets you try your hand at practical aspects of theatre-making.

This eclectic programme offers the chance to learn more about the National’s work and the arts in general for people at all stages of exploring theatre, from the first-timer to the expert:

14 Sept, 6.30pm - Sue Laurie and Alexander Technique in the Theatre, Dorfman

15 Sept, 6pm – Jonathan Kent in conversation, Olivier

21 Oct, 6pm – Jeremy Herrin and Sean McEvoy in conversation, Lyttleton

25 Oct, 6pm - NT: 40 years as a Space for Plays, Lyttelton

27 Oct, 6pm – Bryony Kimmings in conversation, Dorfman

31 Oct, 6pm – Michael Longhurst in conversation, Olivier

1 Nov, 5.45pm - Staging Suez: The 60th Anniversary of the Suez Crisis, Lyttelton

7 Nov, 6pm – David Hare and John Simenon in conversation, Lyttelton

9 Nov, 6pm – The Nick Darke Writers’ Award Ceremony, Dorfman

22 Nov, 6pm – The Jocelyn Herbert Lecture: Rae Smith, 3D Imagination, Lyttelton

23 Nov, 6pm – Alan Bennett: Keeping on Keeping On, Lyttelton

25 Nov, 5.15pm - A Poem for Every Night of the Year, Olivier

13 Dec, 5.45pm - An Evening with Private Eye, Lyttelton

16 Dec, 5.30pm - The Theatre Quiz with Emma Freud, Lyttelton

4 Jan, 6pm – Alexander Zeldin in conversation, Dorfman

11 Jan, 5.45pm – Lucian Msamati in conversation, Olivier

20 Jan, 5.30pm – Sally Cookson in conversation, Olivier

23 Jan, 3pm – Ruth Wilson in conversation, Lyttelton

31 Jan, 6pm – Ivo van Hove and Patrick Marber in conversation, Lyttelton



Short debates, and in-depth explorations in the Clore Learning Centre:

12 Sep, 5.45-6.45pm - In Focus: Cult Fiction on Stage

15 Sep, 10.30am-4.30pm - In Depth: Rattigan Returns

21 Sep, 6pm - In Focus: Theatre in Scotland – A Field of Dreams with Joyce McMillan

24 Sept, 10.30am – In Depth: The Dublin Plays, Clore Learning Centre

26 Sept, 2pm – In Context: Chekhov, the early work

6 Oct, 1pm – Lightbulb Walks with Artists Helen Stratford and Idit Nathan

2 Nov, 10.30am-3.30pm – In Depth: Devising and Performance Explored

2 Nov, 10.30am – In Depth: Devising for Performance Explored

3 Nov, 5.30pm – In Focus: Amadeus, the music

10 Nov, 11.30am & 6.15pm – Sharp Shots: The State of the States

16 Jan, 2pm – In Context: Shaffer at the NT

16 Jan, 6pm – In Focus: Designing for The Red Barn

17 Nov, 7pm – Theatre Dialogue Club sparks up at the NT

15 Dec, 5.30pm – In Focus: Performing without a Home

27 Jan, 5.45pm – Peter Pan – archetypal adolescent

31 Jan, 10.30am – In Depth: Adapt or Die - adaptions from the NT

10 Feb, 2pm – In Context: Recreating Ibsen’s Women


National Debates

A new series of panel discussions in the Dorfman Theatre responding to issues raised by the repertoire or affecting the nation as a whole:

29 Sep, 6pm Youth – Culture and Identity

3 Nov, 5.45pm – Nationhood, Ireland and Scotland

24 Nov, 5.45pm – Death, final matters


Film Screenings

In the Clore Learning Centre and linked to the programme on our stages:

  • 9 Dec, 5.30pm – Cathy Come Home



  • Concrete Reality: Denys Lasdun and the Architecture of the NT – Olivier Circle Gallery
  • Adapt or Die – How adaptations have influenced productions at the NT - Lyttelton Lounge from 7 Oct
  • Exhibition Walk Around and Archive Handling Session - Lyttelton Lounge on 28 Oct, 25 Nov, 27 Jan, 24 Feb at 12.30pm


For further details on all learning events at National Theatre, click here.

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