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South Bank Chocolate Festival

The Chocolate Festival has landed in the cultural heart of London. It brings chocoholics from all corners of the world to try out mouthwatering recipes from award-winning chocolatiers . We popped down to sample the tasty treats waiting for you this weekend on South Bank


We arrived at the event for the opening, and were treated to a chocolate breakfast banquet. We headed to meet Damien Allsopp, described as the ‘Merlin’ of the Chocolate world. He certainly didn’t disappoint with this delicious chocolate named ‘The Cloud’, presumably because of the fluffy pink inside.  Made from mouthwatering fresh fruit puree and the warm sweet spice of Madagascan vanilla pods, this chocolate looked too good to eat. Sadly we couldn’t resist though…


Paul Wayne Gregory introduced us to his ‘Pure Indulgence’ range which evokes flavours of the Caribbean, as he sees Jamaica as both his cultural and family roots. We were treated to a new take on the Christmas pudding, a Christmas Pudding chocolate! Sceptics be warned - this was the tastiest Christmas Pud we’d had in a long time. Paul gave us a sneak preview of the recipe for his chocolate Christmas pud, which includes four different types of chocolate, Apple and Milk powder. We ranked this highest after trying Paul’s Salty Caramel Chocolate and Passion Fruit Chocolate.