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This summer, the London Dungeon will be tickling guests with a festival of jests, jokes and macabre mischief at JESTIVAL, a new festival from 27th July to 1st September.

Headlining this alternative festival is the Black Jester whose maniacal mind will be causing mayhem as he regales visitors with his very best jokes. Guests will be dared to go up against him in a ‘joke off’ with the funniest jokes winning FREE* entry. Whether impressive or disturbing, the best and worst jokes posted at will be pinched by the Black Jester for his own routine. PLUS expect horribly high speed humour, with daily attempts to break the World Record for the most jokes told in a minute!

Always striving to scare, there’s lots more screamingly dark fun at The London Dungeon, now in its new home in the vast underground vaults of County Hall. With 18 brand new shows, starring a cast of 20 dastardly characters bringing to life 1000 years of London’s murky past, PLUS two thrilling rides and edge of your seat surprises.

More information coming soon.