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National Theatre Platforms

National Theatre Platforms comprises of talks, courses, workshops and events that allow you to develop a deeper understanding of National Theatre productions and even lets you try your hand at practical aspects of theatre-making.

This eclectic programme offers the chance to learn more about the National’s work and the arts in general for people at all stages of exploring theatre, from the first-timer to the expert:

14 Sept, 6.30pm - Sue Laurie and Alexander Technique in the Theatre, Dorfman

15 Sept, 6pm – Jonathan Kent in conversation, Olivier

21 Oct, 6pm – Jeremy Herrin and Sean McEvoy in conversation, Lyttleton

25 Oct, 6pm - NT: 40 years as a Space for Plays, Lyttelton

27 Oct, 6pm – Bryony Kimmings in conversation, Dorfman

31 Oct, 6pm – Michael Longhurst in conversation, Olivier

1 Nov, 5.45pm - Staging Suez: The 60th Anniversary of the Suez Crisis, Lyttelton

7 Nov, 6pm – David Hare and John Simenon in conversation, Lyttelton

9 Nov, 6pm – The Nick Darke Writers’ Award Ceremony, Dorfman

22 Nov, 6pm – The Jocelyn Herbert Lecture: Rae Smith, 3D Imagination, Lyttelton

23 Nov, 6pm – Alan Bennett: Keeping on Keeping On, Lyttelton

25 Nov, 5.15pm - A Poem for Every Night of the Year, Olivier

13 Dec, 5.45pm - An Evening with Private Eye, Lyttelton

16 Dec, 5.30pm - The Theatre Quiz with Emma Freud, Lyttelton

4 Jan, 6pm – Alexander Zeldin in conversation, Dorfman

11 Jan, 5.45pm – Lucian Msamati in conversation, Olivier

20 Jan, 5.30pm – Sally Cookson in conversation, Olivier

23 Jan, 3pm – Ruth Wilson in conversation, Lyttelton

31 Jan, 6pm – Ivo van Hove and Patrick Marber in conversation, Lyttelton



Short debates, and in-depth explorations in the Clore Learning Centre:

12 Sep, 5.45-6.45pm - In Focus: Cult Fiction on Stage

15 Sep, 10.30am-4.30pm - In Depth: Rattigan Returns

21 Sep, 6pm - In Focus: Theatre in Scotland – A Field of Dreams with Joyce McMillan

24 Sept, 10.30am – In Depth: The Dublin Plays, Clore Learning Centre

26 Sept, 2pm – In Context: Chekhov, the early work

6 Oct, 1pm – Lightbulb Walks with Artists Helen Stratford and Idit Nathan

2 Nov, 10.30am-3.30pm – In Depth: Devising and Performance Explored

2 Nov, 10.30am – In Depth: Devising for Performance Explored

3 Nov, 5.30pm – In Focus: Amadeus, the music

10 Nov, 11.30am & 6.15pm – Sharp Shots: The State of the States

16 Jan, 2pm – In Context: Shaffer at the NT

16 Jan, 6pm – In Focus: Designing for The Red Barn

17 Nov, 7pm – Theatre Dialogue Club sparks up at the NT

15 Dec, 5.30pm – In Focus: Performing without a Home

27 Jan, 5.45pm – Peter Pan – archetypal adolescent

31 Jan, 10.30am – In Depth: Adapt or Die - adaptions from the NT

10 Feb, 2pm – In Context: Recreating Ibsen’s Women


National Debates

A new series of panel discussions in the Dorfman Theatre responding to issues raised by the repertoire or affecting the nation as a whole:

29 Sep, 6pm Youth – Culture and Identity

3 Nov, 5.45pm – Nationhood, Ireland and Scotland

24 Nov, 5.45pm – Death, final matters


Film Screenings

In the Clore Learning Centre and linked to the programme on our stages:

  • 9 Dec, 5.30pm – Cathy Come Home



  • Concrete Reality: Denys Lasdun and the Architecture of the NT – Olivier Circle Gallery
  • Adapt or Die – How adaptations have influenced productions at the NT - Lyttelton Lounge from 7 Oct
  • Exhibition Walk Around and Archive Handling Session - Lyttelton Lounge on 28 Oct, 25 Nov, 27 Jan, 24 Feb at 12.30pm


For further details on all learning events at National Theatre, click here.